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Ice build up along roof eaves, known as “Ice dams” or “ice damming” can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs.

Ice dams

It’s fairly easy to see when a home is experiencing heat loss. Ice dams form due to melting and then refreezing at the roof eaves. What start off as small icicles soon develop into these large dams that can cause severe damage.

If it’s a cold winter day in Syracuse and there’s snow on your roof, take a look and you might notice ice forming in some areas on the roof eave. If you look above these ice dams you’ll most likely find areas of melting. This is what heat loss looks like!


Numerous products are available to combat this problem(ie heated wires, aluminum eaves) however these do not stop the cause of the problem. In order to properly stop heat loss and the creation of large Ice dams, you’re attic must have the proper levels of insulation, ventilation and all seams and chases properly sealed. It is also important to consider how your attic space will be used. There are many different types of applications and products to best suit your attic needs. If storage is desired pushing the insulation or “thermal boundary” to the roof deck might be beneficial as this allows for an accessible area below.

Syracuse Air sealing and iinsulation

Rich looking for air leaks. Air sealing attics prior to insulating is crucial in reducing ice dams.

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