New York State Energy Audits

CNY Green Energy Solutions Can Perform A New York State Energy Audit.  

NYSERDA Contractor offering Energy Audits and services to the Greater Syracuse area and all surrounding counties. Cicero, Solvay, Manlius, Camillus, Onondaga Hill, Fayetteville, Brewerton


 Why Should I have A Home Energy Audit done?

 The most common concerns we hear in Syracuse are drafty rooms, high energy bills and Ice dams. Pinpointing the cause of all these problems in an estimate can be tough without a proper assessment.

 A home Energy Audit is the best way to find out how your home performs as a system.  A complete energy audit includes a blower door test, thermal imaging, health and safety testing and building envelope analysis. The results of an audit will provide homeowners’ a clear starting point for improving their home. CNY Green Energy Solutions can provide you with a Complete Energy Audit and work scope on the day of appointment. Based on the audit results and homeowners main concerns we are able to prioritize the work scope so that energy savings can eventually offset costs of install.

Using thermal imaging we can clearly see heat loss that needs to be addressed.

Using thermal imaging we can clearly see heat loss that needs to be addressed.


 Blower Door Test

CNY Green Energy Solutions can perform a full energy audit with a blower door test. This test is crucial for understanding how your home is performing and what areas need to be addressed. The test consists of setting up a temporary door frame with a fan assembly. Controlled by computer the fan depressurizes the home by blowing air outside. This demonstrates the equivalent of about 15 mph winds on all sides of the home. By doing this any air leaks that are discovered are able to be measured. Then based on energy and safety guidelines  we are able to establish how much energy your home is wasting and what we can do to reduce this loss.


A blower door test in Manlius, NY


 How Much Does An Energy Audit Cost?

In most cases if you live in Syracuse or Central New York, you’ve already paid for it!

New York State energy programs offer 1 audit per household every 3 years. Certified contractors such as CNY Green Energy Solutions are able to offer no-cost to homeowner audits and are compensated through the state.

The funding for these audits actually come through as services charges in utility bills, to you the customer!  To learn more about the Home Performance with Energy Star no cost audit and to obtain an application contact us today at (315)314-6592 or fill out the form below!




 Thinking of Going Solar?



Having a home energy audit is the first step to see what is needed to take your home off the grid! Also all state grants for solar improvements are based and approved on a comprehensive audit and report. CNY Green Energy Solutions can help you through the process!