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Dirt Crawlspace

Does your Crawl space look like this?

Top problems associated with a dirt crawl space:

Cold Floors above                      Mice or other pests

Musty smells                               Mold or organic growth


          I Have fiberglass batts in my crawl space, is this the correct method? 

Unfortunately most crawl space have been insulated incorrectly. Fiberglass batts attached to the underside of the floor do not provide adequate insulation and does nothing to prevent mold or moisture damage. Also it is not air sealed which can easily allow mice and other pests to make their way in.  In the picture below, an exposed rim joist allows air to infiltrate your crawl space area. The Fiberglass simply acts as a filter to the cold air.

In order to properly insulate a crawl space, we suggest pushing the thermal boundary to the outside walls. This creates a conditioned,encapsulated space that will not only improve comfort but significantly reduce heating and cooling bills! Most of the time our clients also find a new storage area in their home!

Rim Joist (before)

This exposed rim joist of a crawl space wall in Syracuse, NY will cause drafty floors above

Rim Joist (after)

Air Sealed rim joist using Spray Foam insulation

Separate dirt from your home!

Dirt crawl spaces are perfect breeding grounds for all types of insects and pests. If there’s water present in your crawl space it is even worse. It’s hard to imagine that these areas tend to go untreated in most homes when it’s usually the case for the majority of discomfort in a home.

To properly encapsulate a crawl space and turn it into a conditioned space CNY Green Energy Solutions will use a 20 mil vapor barrier, rigid board or foam insulation on the walls, and sump pumps as needed. Call us today with any questions or to set up your free estimate!

Dirt Crawl space with no insulation cause this home in Liverpool, NY to be extremely uncomfortable

Dirt Crawl space with no insulation cause this home in Liverpool, NY to be extremely uncomfortable


Now this Crawl space has been properly insulated and sealed using a vapor barrier and rigid board insulation

Syracuse Crawl Space Insulation done right!

Crawl Space Encapsulation

This once dirt crawl space has now been sealed and insulated for this Homeowner in Erieville, NY

CNY Green Energy Solutions can provide you with a free estimate to insulate and encapsulate your crawl space with a vapor barrier system. All outside walls must be insulated and sealed at the rim joist. A vapor barrier must be installed and sealed to separate the earth from home. By doing this your home will be healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient. Contact us today for your free in home estimate!

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