CNY GES on Channel 9


CNY Green Energy Solutions on News Channel 9

December 2014, Syracuse, NY 13219

CNY Green Energy Solutions LLC a 2014 Dr. Energy Saver Dealer helped several homeowners save energy and money already this season. In a channel 9 news segment in Syracuse, our skilled technician Liam O’Neill performed a home energy audit to show viewers at home the process of detecting where your home loses energy. The test measures the amount of air moving throughout the house. O’Neill discussed how there is a certain number for the energy usage depending on the size of the home, when the number from the energy reader exceeds that number, that is air leaking out that you’re paying for and not using.

Most of the cold air enters through the basement. CNY Green Energy Solutions utilizes tools that can successfully detect where air is leaking the most and recommend solutions to stop that air from escaping. O’Neill also explained how people must even pay attention to areas around light switches and outlets and advised homeowners to purchase a foam-backed gasket to protect cold air from leaking in.

Winterize your home in time!

During the cool, winter months proper insulation and airtight sealing is key to keeping your home comfortable. Most of the time, estimated improvement ideas are free and from there, we assess what insulation and HVAC services will benefit your home the most.

O’Neill said that homeowners can save over hundreds of dollars on their energy bills by making these improvements, so eventually the investment of the job pays for itself. Winterizing your home early enough makes a huge impact of the comfort of your home. O’Neill and the rest of the CNY Green Energy Solutions want you, as a homeowner, to be aware of the benefits that come with winterizing your home and the fact that your home may be letting too much air escape, costing you comfort and efficiency.