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Common building assemblies often result in tricky areas to insulate. Cantilevers or overhangs are often neglected when it comes to insulating.

cantilever syracuse

Rooms above overhangs are notoriously cold due to improper

Homes with overhanging floors are often insulted incorrectly. Homeowners usually complain of cold floors. This weak spot in a home needs to be sealed as well as insulated. Fiberglass batts alone will not block the flow of cold air through the floor boards.

In order to insulate, the first step in this project was to open the cantilever as careful as possible to avoid any major painting.

opening up the cantilever

Bob carefully opening up the cantilever so we can properly insulate.

opened cantilever

The opened cantilever clearly shows insufficient insulation

wide open cantilever

Wide open bays like this lead all the way through the second floor.

In order to prevent air infiltration across the floor boards we installed rigid insulation as blocking.

photo 5

Spray Foam cantileverOnce Blocking is installed we sprayed 2″ of spray foam to seal and insulate below the floor boards.2 part foamThe remaining cavity needs to be filled. A cost efficient method for this is to use unfaced batt insulation. Now that we have sealed the exterior walls we can use the fiberglass and it will perform as intended.


This method of insulating is known as “flash and batt”. The combination of the two types of insulation provide a strong thermal boundary that is both sealed and insulated.

flash and batt insulation

Now that these bays have be filled we can seal the cantilever back up. It is crucial that the fiberglass fully fills each bay as any gaps or voids will weaken the entire system.

cantilever syracusecantilever

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