Air tight Can light covers

Recessed lighting is a great look for any home, unfortunately we often find these lights have not been properly sealed and are the cause of numerous energy issues.


can lights in syracuse

These Can lights in Syracuse are very leaky and can be a fire hazard


All Air sealing is crucial! These can lights, not only leak heat into your attic but can also be fire hazards when left on often and insulation is just resting against it.

exposed can light can be a fire hazard

This can light needs to be sealed.

When accessible can light covers are a great option not only for fire prevention but also energy efficiency. By installing a rock wool dome over these cans and sealing with fire block foam, we are able to quickly address the problems created by these lights.


can light cover installed in Syracuse, NY

can light cover installed in Syracuse, NY

Once installed, it is now safe to blow insulation over these domes. However it is also necessary to change your light bulb to a CFL. Now that we’ve trapped the heat from escaping into the attic we have to be cautions about over heating the unit.

Cellulose insulation blown over can lights

Cellulose insulation blown over can lights


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