Air Sealing

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An often overlooked area of insulation is Air Sealing. In order for insulation to perform at the desired R-value it is crucial for any and all air leaks to be sealed.  CNY Green Energy Solutions provides air sealing and testing services in the Central New York Area.

This exposed rim joist needs to be air sealed and insulated

This exposed rim joist needs to be air sealed and insulated

Rim joist properly sealed and insulated in Liverpool, NY

Rim joist properly sealed and insulated in Liverpool, NY












If you’ve made the mistake of leaving a window open during the winter, you know how your heating bill can be affected.  As heat escapes, you’re heating system has to work extra hard to maintain the desired temperature and results in higher utility bills.

What most homeowners don’t know is that the majority of homes have the equivalent of an open window worth of air leakage.  Let’s take a step back for a moment and look at the stack effect.


Understanding the stack effect  and how it relates to your home is crucial in making your home more energy efficient. Following the laws of convection, warm air in your home wants to rise up. As heat rises through your home it makes it’s way through gaps and openings all the way into the attic and through the roof. As the air is lost, new air is pulled in through the basement or crawlspace only to be heated and lost again. This cycle of ex-filtrating out the top and infiltrating in the bottom is known as the stack effect.  The first goal in making a home more energy efficient and comfortable would be to stop this cycle from happening.

Your home was built with Air Leaks

The first common question, is why are there gaps and openings in my home? The answer is simple, every home is made up of thousands of pieces, wiring and plumbing. As contractors build they are constantly adding and creating chases or gaps to allow install of electric, plumbing or duct work. By doing so often attics are left with several areas that allow heat to rise up through any attic insulation and out the roof. Insulation alone will not stop air movement and is degraded as air passes through it.

air sealing before

These tiny openings result in huge energy loss

air sealing after

Gaps have been sealed using spray Foam













An all to common problem of Central New York is Ice dam formation on the roof eaves. More often then not this is a result of heat loss through the attic. As Heat rises through your home it eventually will hit the underside of your roof deck. As this happens any snow that is on the roof will begin to melt. As this melt takes place, water runs down your roof to where it eventually reaches the eave or overhang.  Since the overhang is outside your home the water will begin to freeze and develop into an icicle.  Over time the water will back up and create a dam and ice will slowly backup your roof. This could lead to severe damage to the home. It is best to have a Full Energy Audit completed to properly determine where heat is escaping and how it can be reduced.

Ice dams

Heat loss has resulted in sever Ice Dams for this home in Phoenix, NY