Reducing Ice Dams


Ice dams

This home in Brewerton, NY had severe Ice dams on the front roofs. We took care of the main attic by air sealing and blowing in 17″ of cellulose, the lower roof assembly was a little harder to take care of. Since this was a cathedral ceiling the only option to insulate without removing and replacing sheet rock was to dense pack from the outside. To do this, first the gutter had to be removed, then the fascia and existing soffit vents. Dense packing hoses were then eased into the cavity and filled with cellulose insulation. After install was complete the front fascia returned and the gutter re installed.


Cellulose insulation

In this photo Steve has just finished removing the existing soffit and is ready to start dense packing!


Dense packed cellulose

 After the cellulose has been installed all bays should be filled tightly to ensure no heat loss.
Syracuse, NY insulaiton

Lastly Marc is re installing the soffit to look as if we’ve never been here! Now this home should experience less heat loss and fewer ice dams.