Crawl Space in Erieville, NY

Lake house This beautiful lake home in Erieville, NY was a big challenge for CNY Green Energy Solutions. The crawlspace below this home was extremely wet and had minimal room to work. This homeowner called us because she had recently replaced her floor boards and had noticed severe rotting and water damage beneath them.

     Upon inspection we found there was a significant amount of moisture and water present in the crawlspace. The insulation that was existing had mostly deteriorated and was falling down.  The one existing sump pump was old and not working properly. What this space needed was to first properly seal and insulate the outside walls to create a strong thermal boundary. Next our patented vapor barrier and drainage matting had to be installed to prevent vapors, water and pests from entering the space. 2 new smart sumps would have to be installed as well to remove any ground water beneath the surface. If there had ever been a job for vapor barrier installation and CNY Green Energy Solutions, this was it.

  This was not going to be easy though. This large crawlspace had several mountains and valley’s to deal with and at some points the clearance was less then 1 foot!

Dirt Crawlspace


     To properly do this we had to take extra time to ensure that all areas were insulated and sealed.  This included sending in one man at a time to do the work while the other would feed materials and be there to position as needed. We had to cut the board insulation on the walls into small pieces to be able to work with them inside the space.

   Another problem arose when digging out the sump hole. The ground was so saturated that water started forming as we dug the hole and created a river in the small area we were working in. To get this installed we had to mount boards on top of cinder blocks to work on as we dug out the hole. We were then able to line the hole with gravel to get the tub in tight for the sump pump. By the end of the day that area was pumped dry and we were able to finish the remaining work. Crawl Space Encapsulation

Upon completion the homeowner commented how the musty smell was no longer present and the humidity level had decreased drastically. This home could have easily needed a significant amount of foundation repairwork in the near future had this not been addressed. Now this homeowner can breathe more comfortably knowing that her crawlspace has been properly sealed and insulated.

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